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What Say U? is on Orkut Top 100 Most Popular

January 23rd, 2009

I have been working on Google’s OpenSocial framework recently just for fun.

It was indeed quite fun now that when I check on Orkut’s application directory, this particular app I named ‘What Say U?’ is at page 4 of the Most Popular applications! If my calculation is correct, my app is ranked number 79.

Top 100 Most Popular App! What Say U, huh? 😉

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Orkut is Google’s version of Facebook but it isn’t as popular as Facebook of course. But I think there’s a lot of users particularly from the United States itself and Wikipedia says the majority is from Brazil.

When I created this application and submitted it, I didn’t expect much yet, but after a week or so, Orkut sent me an email with the statistics of this application.

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Nothing to shout about, but boy am I amazed!

Number of unique users who installed the app this week: 944
Total number of unique users who currently have the app installed: 1687
Number of times profile pages of users who have installed this app were viewed: 75199

Close to one thousand users has installed this application in a week! The number of times this app were viewed are almost closed to a hundred thousand. Well, quarter to a hundred thousand. 🙂

This could be the best application I have created by far for social networks!

Hope it will bring better things, which I’m really looking forward to it currently.

If it does happens, you can be sure that it will be revealed here, at Marvin Lee Dot Net.

Just so that if you’re curious about this app, why not add it to your Orkut if you have an account? Search for ‘What Say U?’ or click here: What Say U?

So, what do you say about What Say U?

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Joey Yap’s Feng Shui & Astrology For 2009 Seminar

January 18th, 2009

Was able to attend Joey Yap’s Feng Shui & Astrology For 2009 Seminar thanks to a pair of free tickets I won from Suanie’s contest.

I’m not exactly a real Feng Shui practitioner although I do have four celestial animals placed in my room as they are “allies” to my celestial animal sign. That’s peer influence to me, not practicing Feng Shui.

Joey Yap’s seminar has something I found agreeable. His talks are based on directions, actions and dates/time. He does not ask to place signs or objects at specific places. He does not sell things except for his books and training courses.

The seminar I attended was held in Kuala Lumpur Convention Center, Plenary Hall and it’s the second location out of the five countries, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Canada, and USA.

The seminar’s title is “Thriving In Challenging Times” for the year of 2009. The title is obviously an attraction to everyone while we’re going through the challenging times of global economic recession.

I was quite surprise at first as with other first-timers too (I guess) that there are participants who are attending Joey’s seminar for the third and even fourth time. After the end of the seminar though, I guess I know why.

It’s just like getting hooked on the TV during Chinese New Year to wonder what those experts/masters will say about the year’s outlook to everyone base on the animal sign they are born under.

Instead of just focusing on the whole year based on the celestial animal sign you’re born, Joey’s seminar teaches on the finer details based on your date and time of birth. This is personalization to me.

I’ve printed my BaZi chart from the seminar’s website and brought it together and when he talked about each elements found under the BaZi chart. Just like his advertisement in MyFM with Chui Ling, we do not only observe the animal element of the year we are born in, but also other animal elements under the month, day, and hour.

Joey also talked about the industries outlook for the year and categorized them into Wood, Fire, Metal, Earth and Water elements. IT falls into the Fire element and is the second most favourable elements for the year.

In between his sessions, there were open questions and it seems that most participants are interested in getting consultations on their properties like new homes, or which direction of the house to “Activate”.

Essentially, the directional information seems to be the most important in the seminar for everyone to know which direction is best to bring in Wealth, improvement in Relationship, or Health. It’s said that for 2009, we should focus in South East and North West. So if you’re buying a property, it’s best to face SE/NW and backing NW/SE. He did mention for property Feng Shui you should look for long term Feng Shui instead of yearly though, so there are more elements to be concerned with other than just the directions.

The most interesting element in the seminar to me is not the Feng Shui nor the jokes he made, but the elements of Face Reading. The features on the face and the type of person having it can be memorized easily with Cantonese sayings.

Some important features includes:

– Having higher foreheads means having support in the early life before age 30

– Ears has to be fairer than the face as a whole, people with darker ears will not be having luck or helpful people around him/her

– Sunken part of the forehead at the center is good for people looking to setup business, if it’s not sunken, one would be better off working for others and to climb the corporate ladder

– Those with sharp chins will always be away from home, while rounded chins are stay-home people

Interesting? It’s so interesting to me that I bought his book “Mian Xiang – Discover Face Reading”. 😉

There are many many tips Joey has given for the year 2009 or specifically effective between Feb 4 2009 and Feb 3 2010. I would definitely recommend to you this seminar if there’s another session near your place. Unfortunately, that’s the only seminar in Malaysia for the year of this title.

High chance I’d be among the returning participants if at the end of next year the events happening to me mapped to the information I’ve got from Joey. 🙂

Best Quote I got from Joey Yap:

Do not let something you CANNOT do, affect what you CAN do.

Joey Yap’s website:

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Downgrade Guide for Dell Inspiron from Windows Vista to XP

January 13th, 2009

So you got a brand new laptop from Dell, or to be exact an Inspiron 1420?

It comes with Windows Vista and you have no option to select Windows XP?

But you are so desperate to use XP for the following reasons?

  1. Loyal to Windows XP
  2. Your important programs doesn’t run on Vista
  3. You’re sick with Vista’s questions asking if you’re really really sure on the actions you’re going to take
  4. You just want XP

Recently I got to find out how to downgrade the notebook operating system from Windows Vista to Windows XP. This task, after many hours of trial and error only I finally had my trial and success.

These are my trials and errors:

  1. Put in WIndows XP installation cd and try to setup, BUT, it says it couldn’t detect the hard disk and make sure it is active
  2. Format the disk and making sure the disk is OK using the Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Computer Management -> Storage -> Disk Management
  3. Tried to format the hard disk with another computer, BUT, it still says unable to detect the hard disk!

Finally, this is how I did it:

  1. When you startup your laptop, press F12 to go to the boot menu
  2. Select BIOS Setup
  3. Go to Onboard Devices -> SATA Operation
  4. Change the default AHC1 to ATA
  5. You might be prompted to turn off the Flash Cache Module, if you do, set it off at Onboard Devices -> Flash Cache Module
  6. Save settings, and restart
  7. F12 to go into your boot menu and select CD-ROM/DVD-ROM with your WIndows XP installation CD
  8. Good luck!

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