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Google China OpenSocial Application Competition

February 11th, 2009

Google China is hosting the OpenSocial Application Competition 2008 in China.

Google is promoting the OpenSocial platform by running this kind of competitions to invite developers to create applications on the OpenSocial platform and putting them into its partner social networks which also runs OpenSocial.

There was a similar competition for the South East Asia region recently.

Google China’s OpenSocial Application Competition is a great oppurtunity for the Chinese developers to make a name and create something useful for social networks in China.

The prize for this contest is so attractive I would have jumped in right away even if it’s just a try with my amateur OpenSocial skills.

OpenSocial Application Competition team winners will receive the following incentives:

A pair of tickets to visit the Silicon Valley, California
A week of hotel accommodation;
A week-long transport subsidies;
Allowances for daily expenses.
In addition to the above, Google will select five winners from the remaining eligible winners who have submitted to receive a HTC Dream G-1 Android phone.

How cool is that? Of course, these prizes could only appeal to techie or developers.

Contest applicants can be individual or team; all team members applying are required to be Chinese citizens living in China, reached the minimum age of eighteen years, physical condition of the applicants allow him/her to implement entries submitted.
Google employees and contest partners and its subsidiary companies or subsidiaries’ employees and their immediate family members (including its parent, child, sibling, spouse, regardless of where ownership) are ineligible for entry.

Applications submitted must be able to run in at least two of the partner social networks. If the application is able to run in more partner social networks, advantage will be given by the judges. A qualified entry will require at least 2 application URL of any of the competition partner social networks.

The competition partners are:

The competition officially starts on June 13, 2008 with the release of this competition’s rules and submissions to be received by February 28, 2009.

This competition period is surely much longer than the South East Asia OpenSocial Application Contest and the rewards are even more lucrative. Of course, with the higher price, the organizers are able to identify the best OpenSocial application and to reward the best developers. The developers in turn would be able to the develop applications which could reach an extremely wide audience. Taking the few partner social networks into account, my personal estimation is that it could easily reach at least 10 million users.

It seems like the OpenSocial platform is gaining momentum, now that the social networks supporting it are growing by the numbers. The partners of this Competition are all running on OpenSocial v0.8 as opposed to the mixed version in the South East Asia’s where there’s v0.7 and v.0.8.

This competition is indeed something to follow. What will be the best type of OpenSocial / social network applications?

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