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Google Maps Navigation for your GPS needs

October 30th, 2009

This is one big step in technology advancement. GPS navigation is nothing new to most who knows what a GPS device is.

By far, GPS navigation or satellite navigation has been related to GPS device only, that is you buy a single GPS device which primary role is to navigate you to your desired destination.

There are various GPS device manufacturers and evolution of ideas, from pure GPS device (Papago) only, to GPS device with mobile phone ability (like
Garmin and Asus)
, to mobile phone application (like TomTom).

Google’s announcement of its Google Maps Navigation is going to change the GPS game and some even are concerned about it being a satnav killer.

Just watch the video below for a quick understanding of what Google Maps Navigation is all about:

By the way, anybody has an extra ‘I am here’ t-shirt for me? 🙂

Google Maps Navigation is an internet-connected GPS navigation system with voice guidance. It is part of Google Maps for mobile and is available for phones with Android 2.0.

This means that armed with only a phone, you can have the ability of a GPS with you. No more phone and GPS device, phone = phone + GPS.

Although current phones with Google Maps has GPS functions, but the ability of it navigating with speech is solely the strength of those satnav devices.
With Google Maps Navigation, we can now have the speech guidance, with real-time data that feeds your GPS, such as real time traffic, street view and 3D satellite view . These are some that I do not think satnav companies can do in the very near future. Of course, such real-time functions will also depend on data availability and how many users are actually using to generate such amount of data too.

Traffic view : Highlights of red is heavy traffic, and you can choose to change your route to skip that portion of traffic

Street view : Previously only available on web, now you can view the street exactly like it is

Satellite view : Sort of a three dimensional view of the location

My next trip to Broga Hill, I might just be using Google Maps Navigation that tells me where to turn and leads me the way there (not that I want to complain about my very helpful co-driver though). 🙂

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Broga Hill, Semenyih, Selangor, Malaysia

October 29th, 2009


It’s amazing how photos and internet and people and gossip can popularize a place.

Broga hill was not heard off, at least to the non-locals in Semenyih like a year ago?

It is so popular now, that during the weekends, the small hill is crowded as early as from 6am.


I first heard from Eric, who had climbed Broga hill and took amazing photos on the top of the hill.

At that time, from the photos I saw it looked like he and a few others were the only people who conquered the hill.


I have by then the interest to pay a visit and only not long ago that I managed to actually did it.

The plan was to start journey around 5.15am (yes, usually still in deep slumber) and to reach the foothills of Broga by 6am so that we are able to catch the sunrise before 7.30-ish.


Although it was only 6am and the road was dark, the both side of the road was already filled with cars.

I could estimate there’s like 100 metre long of road with cars parked at such an early hour of the day. This is not including more that have parked inside the oil palm plantation.


The foot of Broga hill is actually an oil palm plantation and the entrance is facing a rabbit farm.

Climbing the hill isn’t really very challenging, for those who usually go hiking. Even small kids are able to go up.


However, if you’re not very comfortable with going uphill but insists on catching the sunrise or at least do the climb, having a walking stick to assist might help a lot.

Torchlights (batteries included) is also of utmost importance, if you’re going for the early morning climb.


Try going in a group for the cheers and motivations. I saw many groups (one of the reason why it’s so crowded) that just waited for friends who had a tough time trying to keep up with the pace of the entire group.

When you reach the first peak, or where there’s this small plateau, all sweat and pain are all forgotten. 🙂


Some have arrived early to secure a spot for their SLR and tripod, waiting patiently for the right moment to capture the sunrise.

It might not be as interesting now that this hidden gem has been exposed and popularized, with crowds going up and down weekly, probably lesser during weekdays.


Apart from that though, if you’re thinking of some outdoor adventure which is not too tiring and with nice scenery, Broga Hill is one of those you should go for.

GPS : 2.935326,101.933899

Google Map link : Broga Hill map link

View Broga Hills, Semenyih in a larger map

QR Code link (what’s this):

(for scanning with mobile phone)

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Get Ubuntu delivered with free stickers

October 20th, 2009

I was buntu, and now I have Ubuntu.

As hinted by my friend brandon, I tried requesting for a free Ubuntu cd from Ubuntu’s website. The current version is 9.04 at the moment and version 9.10 is going to be released on October 29th, 2009.


After requesting for the CD, I waited patiently and it arrived my mailbox within 3 weeks or less and with free stickers.


So that’s how geeks get Ubuntu stickers. 🙂

Get your Ubuntu now.

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