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Blogging One Year After – The Unseen Statistics

November 30th, 2009

dsc_0131Time flies and it’s been a year since this blog has been up on the Internet.

Most of my friends who read this blog (and commented) has been quite faithful in the earlier days (I assume :-P), and was thinking that I’m up to something, probably trying to get rich from blogging.

It’s very natural to think so, as there are quite a number of bloggers who made it, blogging full-time.
So for non-techies/non geeks, having a blog indirectly equals to make money online or having a presence (fame) online. I would like to be corrected if you do not think so.

Well, to be honest, I wasn’t expecting anything like that at all when I first started, as it’s spelt out on the About Page.
However, having monetizing a blog would have been a bonus and I was sort of experimenting a bit here and there too, though never seriously.

Anyway, as an evaluation of this blog, let me just share with you statistics of that has not been seen ever before.

I used sitemeter to track page views and visits.

Visits (in yellow) are the number of unique visitors (by IP address). It was growing steadily and peaked at 9k visits a month, averaging 300 visits daily. This is not a very heavy traffic blog and the traffic went down slightly the last couple of months as there has been less update. However, do note that it was still higher compared to the first half of the year.


Google Analytics however, have different algorithm and on daily basis, the visits are not more than 200, so I guess the sitemeter stats includes return visitors. Meaning same person but uses different IP address, because Google has place a cookie on your browser and do not include you on subsequent visit on the same day.


Alexa is also used as a site ranking tool, although the accuracy can be debated, because it could only estimates users based on the data by users installing the Alexa toolbar. This blog is still ranked quite low in Malaysia but I’m pretty happy to be within the Top 1Million in US, again this is considered not significant enough for graph display in Alexa. A site has to be in the Top 100k to be considered for additional data.


Google PageRank used to be (or still being used) to rank a site. I’m having 3 out of 10. Facebook has 9 and has 8.


I’m using Google Feedburner for blog subscribers and at the moment it’s hovering in the number between 40 and 50. Still considered very very low…


Spam comments! Albeit being a low traffic blog, this blog still attracts a lot of spam comments. More than 8k! Akismet is good for wordpress blogs.

And finally, the most sought after answer. How much does blogging make?

I’m using Google Adsense as the main advertising revenue, and it’s only generating peanuts. I’m not surprised though, as have been highlighted by other bloggers/probloggers/money making blogs.


I am near to the USD 100 payment threshold, after a one year long blogging!

If you think blogging can make money (and a lot), I’m pretty sure it can, but are you up to it and doing it the right way?

There’s a lot of room for improvement to make but other than these statistics, this year has been an experience for me and I’ll share more of that in the second part of Blogging One Year After- The Unseen Social Activities.

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Display related posts in your blog with LinkWithin wordpress plugin

November 25th, 2009

Well, another useful WordPress plugin. LinkWithin is a blog widget that appears under each post, linking to related stories from your blog archive.
It’s another useful, easy and FREE to use plugin.


One of the widget from this blog

I had the related posts plugin installed earlier, but with LinkWithin, it adds thumbnails, so that it will be more appealing to readers and it might just increase your pageviews.

Download the plugin from LinkWithin.


You will need to provide the Blog Link and the same download cannot be used on multiple blogs. This is because in the code, it has embedded a website id that points to your intended plugin installation.

Determine the width of your blog to put the widget, so when you select the number of related stories in the widget, it will fit nicely.

Just like any plugins, upload the zip file content to your wordpress plugin directory and activate it form the Adminstration screen.
There is only one settings for LinkWithin, that is to show the widget on the homepage or not. 🙂

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Make a mobile version of your wordpress blog with WPtouch

November 18th, 2009

Do you know what else you need other than a blog nowadays?
A mobile website.
Alright, that might not sound exactly right.
It should be a mobile device accessible and easily readable website.

wptouch_5 as seen on a mobile phone

Although now smartphones allow you to zoom in and out webpages easily, having a mobile-version of your website or blog actually brings advantage, at least to your readers.
It’s just like your blog feeds subscription, they will not see your ads (unfortunately not good for you and me, but I’m sure readers like it), and it will not take as long to load as a full blown site.


This is the main screen that lists posts from the blog’s homepage.

If they are on limited data charges, having a mobile site actually downloads less data and hence less charges.

What I wanted to highlight is WPtouch plugin, which essentially is a wordpress plugin for wordpress platform blog (like on iPhone, iPod, Android, Storm & Pre.
It is easy to install and use but most of all, it’s FREE!

Just download the plugin file from and find the Download link.
Upload to your blog’s plugin folder, then Activate it via your WordPress Administration and voila, it’s all set.

There will be no visible difference on the site when it’s accessed through a desktop browser, but once it’s loaded on a mobile phone, your readers will see a slim (and sexy) version of your blog.


This is the screen of a single post.

If your reader doesn’t like the mobile version, there is a link to turn off mobile and it will return to the original version of your blog.



If it doesn’t work, append the ?theme_view=mobile to the URL.

If your phone as a QR code reader, scan the code below and see the difference.

And finally, a disclosure, I remember seeing sites which uses this plugin for quite a while, but that last one before I took action to find out what’s the actual plugin is from FlyFM Ben’s blog He is a one cool radio DJ that has a nice blog. Go visit!


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