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Make a mobile version of your wordpress blog with WPtouch

November 18th, 2009

Do you know what else you need other than a blog nowadays?
A mobile website.
Alright, that might not sound exactly right.
It should be a mobile device accessible and easily readable website.


MarvinLee.net as seen on a mobile phone

Although now smartphones allow you to zoom in and out webpages easily, having a mobile-version of your website or blog actually brings advantage, at least to your readers.
It’s just like your blog feeds subscription, they will not see your ads (unfortunately not good for you and me, but I’m sure readers like it), and it will not take as long to load as a full blown site.


This is the main screen that lists posts from the blog’s homepage.

If they are on limited data charges, having a mobile site actually downloads less data and hence less charges.

What I wanted to highlight is WPtouch plugin, which essentially is a wordpress plugin for wordpress platform blog (like marvinlee.net) on iPhone, iPod, Android, Storm & Pre.
It is easy to install and use but most of all, it’s FREE!

Just download the plugin file from http://www.bravenewcode.com/wptouch/ and find the Download link.
Upload to your blog’s plugin folder, then Activate it via your WordPress Administration and voila, it’s all set.

There will be no visible difference on the site when it’s accessed through a desktop browser, but once it’s loaded on a mobile phone, your readers will see a slim (and sexy) version of your blog.


This is the screen of a single post.

If your reader doesn’t like the mobile version, there is a link to turn off mobile and it will return to the original version of your blog.



If it doesn’t work, append the ?theme_view=mobile to the URL.

If your phone as a QR code reader, scan the code below and see the difference.

And finally, a disclosure, I remember seeing sites which uses this plugin for quite a while, but that last one before I took action to find out what’s the actual plugin is from FlyFM Ben’s blog http://benjern.com. He is a one cool radio DJ that has a nice blog. Go visit!


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      Nice. Going to install it when I get my HTC HD2. 🙂

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