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How to test Streamyx connection and configure new Dlink DSL-2640T

January 5th, 2010

I killed my 2 year old wireless router recently and got a new router (with modem) : D-Link DSL-2640T.

dsl-2640t Once I got it home, I thought setting it up would be as easy as 1-2-3. Well, not really 1-2-3 la, although it’s still easy.

So I figure if myself needed like 30 minutes to get things figured out to work, because I needed to switch to the router to test, doesn’t work, then try using direct connection from my computer and even mobile phone because TM website is super slow.

I hope this helps anyone who bought the same router modem too.

Anyway, I thought I might include the steps for you to test a direct connection from your computer to Streamyx without using TM’s modem or any of your own purchased modem.

If you are using Windows XP or Vista for that matter, you are able to connect to broadband provider directly.

Create a new Streamyx connection by going to Control Panel -> Network Connections or Start -> Connect To -> Show All Connections.

Follow the following steps

  1. Create a new connection, Next
  2. Connect to the Internet
  3. Set up my connection manually
  4. Connect using a broadband connection that requires a user name and password
  5. Enter ISP Name : Streamyx or Screamyx…
  6. Create this connection for (your preference)
  7. Fill in your Streamyx username (user@streamyx) and password + confirm password
  8. Finish and try connecting to it


If it doesn’t work, then you should get it figured out, is it your username or login problem. If all fails, dial 100 with your LAN line.

If you got pass the direct ADSL connection, then congratulations! It means you can connect to Streamyx and there’s no problem with your Streamyx account.

Next, we will put in the D-Link DSL-2640T router between the phone line and your computer. The phone line jack from your wall will go into the router and the network cable will go from the router to your computer. (Set up the wireless settings later).

Turning on your router and waiting for a while, you computer should be able to obtain and IP address from the router and shows that you’re connected to a network.

Open up your browser and go to

If it asks for a password, the default login is admin and password is admin. Remember to change this after you have finished your configuration.

Run the Setup Wizard at the Homepage. A popup window will be displayed summarizing the steps you need to go through.

Step 1. Choose your time zone -> Choose Singapore or GMT+8

Step 2. Set Internet connection – > PPPoE/PPPoA -> Provide your login info and remember to set VPI to 0 (zero)


Step 3. Set wireless configuration -> Fill in your preferred wireless configuration

Step 4. Restart -> The router modem will restart and it might take a while to connect

Check the status after the restart completed from the Status tab. If the status is Disconnected, click on the Connect button.

Good luck!

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