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Weeave, evolution from Project 500

May 25th, 2010

First and foremost, I’d like to make it clear that I support local projects.

So when I first got to know about this Project 500 on Twitter, I sort of immediately sign up to join their beta testers.

Project 500 has since evolved to be Weave.

It was finally made known to the public that the party behind it is Digi.

Weave is just like friendfeed, a social network aggregators, where you will be able to link all your social networks in a single website and view them or update them in a single place.

Most of the social networks are available for integration, but I still have not find myself the compelling reason to actively use it.

First of all, I have doubt this insecurity of giving my login credentials of a website to a third party.

Well, that was fixed for Facebook, as it now uses Facebook connect.

However, there are other services that are not.

Besides, an aggregator mostly do not have all the functions available from the original service. How do you retweet for twitter for instance, or whatever new features that are being released?

I think Weeave will or should think about how this project should be compelling enough to be used by the users.
Maybe it could utilize the infrastructure of Digi for additional functions, rather than just pure sms commands.
Besides, the sms commands only acts as revenue for Digi and doesn’t really bring advantage to users.

Think about it.

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Tissot 3D Augmented Reality is super awesome

May 19th, 2010

Credit to Kai Shen for sharing this piece of awesome technology, Tissot Reality enabled me to try out multiple TISSOT watches in a short time.

Multiple reasons why it is so cool to try out Tissot in Augmented Reality:

  • TISSOT watches are expensive to even try out
  • they are always locked in glass cabinet?
  • this is so in-the-future!

Augmented Reality, made far-fetched things closer to you.

I made a video (with very limited resources, mind you) to try it out and demonstrate it.

Try it yourself by visiting Tissot Reality.

All you need to do is just
1. Download a PDF with the watch to be printed out.
2. Print the watch and cut it out, wear it.
3. Download the software and run it on a computer with webcam.
4. Flaunt it!

There of course could be some difference with the actual thing. I believe the colour is slightly off, but isn’t this better for a seller to approach their prospects rather than locking their expensive products in cabinet?

I printed the page straight-away in A4 and if you notice my watch is kinda small.
It could’ve been better to print just the watch in a single A4 paper.

Yeah, this piece of tear-away paper become a TISSOT watch.

Technology like this is very useful for humans to try out products in appearance before making a purchase.
The other thing like this that I was looking forward to was Microsoft Natal but Tissot just made it ahead of anybody else.

Call me whatever names you want, but I think this technology would be advantageous for the lingerie industry.
What say you? 🙂
And no, you won’t expect a video of me in Augmented Reality undies.

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How to view your Facebook profile as another user

May 18th, 2010

I always have this question in mind, what would my Facebook profile looks like when viewed by others? Or instead, a specific person? Like Mark Zuckerberg?

Of course, Mark Zuckerberg can view any Facebook profile he wants, even if you set privacy to Yourself Only. He’s the owner of Facebook!

Well, I found that testing the viewing of your profile can be done with using a specific user that you want.

For a start, let’s go through how you’d like to customize your profile settings :

From the menu on the top right, select Account -> Privacy Settings

Select Friends, Tags and Connections:

Double check your privacy settings, or if you’re not changing anything, look for the Preview My Profile… button :
Note that the hyperlink will go to :

Going to that page actually shows how your profile GENERALLY looks to most people on Facebook.

Because that user is a test user, so like anybody else which is not your friend, they will see very limited information.

Now say you want to know what will your profile display to a particular user?
Get the user profile id, or user name, works both ways, and replace the test user id (100000686899395) in : with the user id you want to see.

For example, any one of this:

Should I customize a bit and let him see MORE of me?
Guess not. 🙂

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