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Business Stripped Bare – Richard Branson

May 13th, 2010

More likely than not, you would have known who Richard Branson is, or Sir Richard Branson who was knighted in 1999 for his “services to entrepreneurship”.

Richard Branson, is the founder of the Virgin Brand, conceived the Virgin Group in 1970 and has since gone on to grow very successful businesses in sectors ranging from mobile telephony to transportation, travel, financial services, media, music and fitness.

Business Stripped Bare is a book by Richard Branson about his life in business especially most of his Virgin business ventures including some of his social responsibility activities.

Just like the way he put it, Business Stripped Bare is a business book told like a story, as other business books are kind of “dry”.

Before I go into my review of this, let me just list some of the things that I only got to know about from reading it:

  • Branson has mild dyslexia and had poor academic performance as a student
  • Branson owns an island in British Virgin Islands, named Necker Island
  • Branson started the idea of a small group of global leaders without any vested personal interest to solve difficult global conflicts, with Peter Gabriel and Nelson Mandela : The Elders
  • Virgin Cola tried to wrest a share of the cola market from Coca-Cola

Here’s my personal opinion on all seven chapters from Business Stripped Bare:

Chapter 1 – People : Find Good People – Set Them Free
It started on how Richard Branson or the Virgin Group working culture is, value their employees or talents. Advice on not micromanaging and how teams in a company will split to start other ventures.

Chapter 2 – Brand : Flying the Flag
This chapter talks about the building of Virgin brand, where Nike, Microsoft, Coca-cola has a brand that is unique to product, Virgin is a brand with a variety of products. Richard Branson talks about Virgin Blue, the airline in Australia, Virgin Active and the beginnings of Virgin Records.

Chapter 3 – Delivery : Special Delivery
This is the longest chapter in the book where Richard Branson shares the inner workings of the business, tackling issues and customer’s feedback. There are also instances where how he brought Virgin rising against competitions and how he started Virgin Atlantic, leasing airplanes from Boeing with a name like ‘Virgin’.
There is a also some insights about starting the Virgin brand in Africa especially Nigeria.

An expert who makes things more complicated isn’t doing their job right – and frankly, this is probably your fault. An expert should make things simpler.

Chapter 4 – Learning from Mistakes and Setbacks : Damage Report
Like anything in life, we are bound to mistakes and setbacks, and in this chapter, Richard Branson not only talks about his early days of crime, evading tax from his first export of records and then about damage control when one of his trains from Virgin Train met with an accident. There was also an iPod like venture – the Virgin Pulse that failed and also the project in trying to grab a share from the cola market with Coca-Cola. The Virgin Cola venture in the end did not succeed although initially the brand had entered a number of countries worldwide.
The chapter ended with the story about the plan to pursue Northern Rock bank but failed when it was intercepted by the government.

Chapter 5 – Innovation : A Driver for Business
This chapter about innovation is where the story about its venture business into space comes along and how the calculations of sending people into space for $200k per trip would make Virgin Galactic a viable business.

Chapter 6 – Enterpreneurs and Leadership : Holding on and Letting Go

True leadership must include the ability to distinguish between real and apparent danger.

In this chapter, Richard Branson became humorous in sharing his personal experience in not recognizing a danger he faced although he had doubts about it. He talks about his style of leadership and his friendship with Nelson Mandela including the setting up of The Elders group.

Chapter 7 – Social Responsibility : Just Business
Social responsibility is where Richard Branson was particularly involved in trying to tackle the HIV/AIDS in Africa, running the campaign – no glove, no love.
Another social initiative mentioned in this chapter is about reducing impact of the climate change. Ironically, Virgin Atlantic is an airline company? Richard Branson wrote that all the profits made by the Virgin Group from carbon-creating business, such as airlines and trains be invested in developing cleaner technologies for the future.
How true it that? I’m not quite sure.

No one is asking you to save the planet. Just dream up and work on a couple of good ideas. No one expects you to find a global solution to everything. Just make a difference where you can.

Personally, this is a nice book to pickup if you like to learn more about Richard Branson and his adventures of being a global entrepreneur. Although I was slightly bored with the earlier chapters and some repeat stories, it is inspiring to read about the many business ventures where some failed and some succeeded. Virgin Group afterall, is a global brand.

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Setting up Google Voice for cheap International calls and Free SMS

May 11th, 2010

Google Voice is a telephony service provided by Google, not exactly a mobile service, but something of extra features on top of your current phone subscription or service.

You can learn more about Google Voice from its about page or watch the video.

I recently/finally got to test out Google Voice, and it’s actually one of the alternatives for international calls and FREE sms.

I actually chose a new Google Number but I have the features of voicemail and low cost international calls as well.

Click on the images to view the larger version, will ya?

By selecting a Google number, you actually get a free phone number that works!
You need to be in the US though, and provide a zip code (postal code) so that you can then proceed to select a phone number to match that area.

And then, you can choose from a whole long list of FREE phone numbers for your own use.

You will then be asked to put in a pin for your voicemail.

Add phone numbers that you would like to forward incoming calls to. This is a nice feature so that you do not need to reveal your mobile number or home number as the Google Voice number is the only number for you to proxy out to the public.

You will then be provided a number that need to be entered when Google Voice automatically call your number for verification.

You can continue doing that will multiple phones.

And then you’re done!

The inbox is the dashboard for you to have a overview of your Google Voice account.

You can make free local US calls with Google Voice.

For international calls, list of rates is provided on
You also automatically get credit of $0.10 to your account.

There is an option to add credit by topping up with Google Checkout.

I have to admit, I do not make calls with it, but I have made many many free international sms with Google Voice.

Just a caution though, sometimes the sms might not be delivered successfully. Or maybe I just busted the limit. 🙂

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Gizmodo’s iPhone 4 scandal attracts attention

May 1st, 2010

If you have not heard about the iPhone 4G,please do a search on iPhone 4G now.

The leaked story of iPhone 4G was first brought to open by Gizmodo, one of the popular technology or gadget website.

It was said that one of Apple’s employee who had the iPhone 4 prototype lost it one night, and was then picked up by someone else who later sold to Gizmodo for $5000.

$5000 is more than worth for the more than 14 million visits to the Gizmodo’s website since 19th April 2010 – when the first story of iPhone 4G was released.

The average of visits per day before that was around 3 million.

This is Apple’s Next iPhone, is the killer story that also brings about legal issues to Gizmodo.

Currently, Gizmodo is being investigated and comments are not allowed in the related blogposts of this particular issue.

Even then, it brought more traffic than ever, and we can see that there was another spike when the house of Jason Chen(the editor of Gizmodo) was raided and a list of items were seized.

Sometimes, it pays to have a scandal. What say you?

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