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Skype Mobile now available for Android, iPhone and Nokia

October 11th, 2010

With the latest release of Skype mobile for Android, Skype mobile app is now available on three most popular type of phones, Android, iPhone and Nokia. One lacking is only for BlackBerry.

It was rumored that telco providers would never allow such mobile applications to be used by their customers, as that phone calls charges was the main income of telecommunication business.

Due to the shift from making calls and SMS to data usage though, allowing mobile apps such as Skype that make calls via data or VOIP is inevitable.

Most, if not all customers are already on data plan, so providing a certain limit of free calls or SMS has been common, and mobile app like Skype that allow users to make calls via WiFi is not only predictable, but most welcomed by all. 🙂

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Internet, Software, Technology


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