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Apple iPad with Maxis WiFi Modem E5832 review – Conclusion

March 4th, 2011

The Apple iPad + Maxis WiFi Modem for Maxis10 Reviewers Programme is supposed to end on 4th March 2011.

However, the father of our Apple iPad 16GB with Wi-Fi + 3G, Steve Jobs has just announced the iPad 2 the day before!!

This has thus rendered the iPad version one obsolete, one generation older than the iPad 2 which is due to be made available to the public on March 11th in certain countries first.

The side effects of this also helped reduced the current iPad price.

Would you like to know what I think about the iPad? Different people different views, and here’s mine.

That said and also I mentioned that it’s pricey. Now that it’s RM 400 less, I wouldn’t say it’s a steal yet but the entry price of RM 1,199 is pretty good now.

Specifications aside (and iPad reviews can be easily found online), price wise it is actually worthy as a few gadgets in one.

I made some searches on the prices of a few gadgets that I think their functions can be doubled by the iPad and summarized it below.

Gadget From Price (RM)
eBook reader – Kindle 3 Amazon $139 RM 460
iPod touch 8GB Apple Malaysia RM 829
GPS navigator Lelong RM 490
Digital photo frame MoreSales RM 420
Total RM 2199

Do note that iPad may not be as good as the other gadgets in certain areas, but in some ways the iPad can be better and as a whole can do more than just the four gadgets!
One example is that I like the larger screen on iPad as a GPS navigator.
Please take the table above with a grain of salt and also based on your own preference.

However, do note that it was such a coincidence that the total of RM 2,199 is the same as the iPad 64GB Wi-Fi + 3G model.

My review device of iPad with Wi-Fi + 3G that was selling for RM 1,999.00 prior to the iPad 2 launch is now RM 1,599.00 only.

I would say it is pretty ‘affordable’ now if you’re one who is so interested in it.

Maxis is not selling iPads, but they are available from these locations.

Maxis, however has iPad data plans for iPad users with 3G capability.
For those with Wi-Fi iPads only, you are not forgotten.
The Maxis iPads data plan can also be used, like what we did with our review devices.

We were not given micro SIMs for the iPad but we have the Maxis WiFi Modem E5832.

Overall, the Maxis WiFi Modem E5832 is a very good device for you if you need mobile broadband and always on-the-go.
The difference between this model and the other Maxis WiFi Modem is it is able to share connectivity to multiple devices instead of only to a single computer via USB.
Other than the actual device, you are TOTALLY dependent on the mobile broadband provider’s network coverage for internet connection.
I have been a Maxis customer for almost a decade, switching from another telco because Maxis has the widest network coverage.
I have also tried another telco’s mobile broadband and it is not even at par with Maxis network.

In terms of service, it is usually based on customer’s preference.

As I was given the WiFi Modem E5832 with iPad 3.5GB data plan for this review and have not tested the other modems, I can only humbly let you know that the device is good for use.

On the other hand, what I could provide is a cost-wise spreadsheet comparison between iPad data plans and the other data plans and WiFi Modem E5832 with the other siblings.

Data obtained from this Modem page and iPad Data plans page.

iPad Data Plans
As you can see, the iPad Data plan 3.5GB is providing 50MB for every RM 1, and the more you pay, the better value in bandwidth that you get. Ultimately it will depend on how much you think you need in a month. However, do note that the iPad plans are new and they are more cost efficient than the normal broadband plans.

WiFi Modem E5832
In all the four mobile broadband modems, Maxis charges RM100 extra if you do not sign up with a contract.
However, do note that the E5832 has WiFi capability thus can allow more than one computer/devices to connect to the mobile network.
If you’re interested to get a modem, you should only need to think of going with a contract or without.
So if you’re not interested with Maxis network, you can go ahead with a modem without contract and put in another SIM which can connect to other telco’s mobile broadband network.

Pretty neat I think, what about you?

This post is in participation of Maxis10 Reviewers Programme, where 10 reviewers are given devices to use for a specific period of time to provide a fair and honest review to their readers.
Although it is my best effort to provide an honest review, the ultimate judgement is yours to make.

To follow the Maxis10 reviews and discussion:

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