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UniFi High Speed Broadband – how fast?

April 13th, 2011

The most important question in my mind before subscribing to UniFi was how fast?

I took the VIP5 – package with 5Mbps download speed.

My first speed test via Speedtest.net able to top at exactly 5.00Mbps.

Further tests revealed that the speed will always hover around 5Mbps, which is very good. 🙂

However, in the late evening, what I got is 2.29Mbps.

What I found out was I was running a Torrent client when the speed drop.
Once I exited the Torrent client software, the speed ramped up again to 5Mbps.
I’m not sure if it was a one-off coincidence, as I am now unable to reproduce that scenario anymore.

Here’s a video of another round of test of speed during a weekday at 9pm.

Basically, you can be assured that the speed of 5Mbps for VIP5 package is achievable, and the up side is the upload speed could be higher.

Just so you know, broadband upload speeds are generally much slower than download speeds. The reason for this is that people generally do far more downloading than uploading, so downloading is given priority by the ISPs (who regulate how their networks deal with the various traffic that is vying to be sent across the ether).

Given that UniFi has not prioritized download speed, there should still be room for download when number of subscribers will take a heavy load on the bandwidth.
At the meantime, uploading to YouTube is faster than I have ever witnessed! 🙂

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