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Qiwi payment solutions in Malaysia

November 18th, 2011

Imagine my surprise when I saw a payment terminal recently, that supports quite a number of merchants.

It looked like an ATM but with a touchscreen display and also an inlet to receive cash.

A search with Google, provided information about Qiwi a payment service originated from Russia.

QIWI is a universal and affordable payment service.
With the QIWI payment service, you can pay for any everyday service: from mobile phone plans to bank loans, purchases at online stores, make payments to the government and much more.

The QIWI payment service offers a wide range of payment methods, among which each user can choose the method they personally find most convenient. QIWI Cash appears on the recipient account almost instantly and all transactions are secure.

Payment tools:

  • an extensive network of self-service terminals and QIWI payment points; the “QIWI Wallet” website;
  • payment applications on popular social networking sites, mobile phones (you can make payments through a special application for all types of mobile devices or by using SMS-commands);
  • ATMs of partner banks.

It seems that currently the Qiwi payment machine supports prepaid reload, foreign reload (whatever that is), IDD card, and also various payment to cable tv, internet and postpaid phone providers.

As the machine does not provide change, the change can be donated to charitable organizations such as MAKNA. There is also a RM1 convenience fee for using the service.

In my personal opinion, this payment solution is good for user as it is convenient to pay. No credit card information is required as payment is only with cash and only RM1 is charged for using the services.
However, the down-side is that it cannot provide change to your payment.

I would like to see if it supports NFC in the future. 🙂

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    1. Marcus
      February 28th, 2012 at 14:44 | #1

      Touch & Go is coming where you can reload and pay by touch & go too.

    2. Alex from Russia :)
      September 20th, 2012 at 01:01 | #2

      Guys, Is it popular in Malaysia now? I mean this kind of payment kiosk. How many do you have in the malls and streets?

    3. jacob velacherry
      January 25th, 2013 at 17:40 | #3

      The Manager QIWI Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

      We have a prepaid machine at our premises: Pasar Mini Jaimel, Jalan
      Klang Lama, KL.Tel: No.012-3032579.

      One customer’s note got stuck in the machine at 10 pm thurs. 24th and we made calls and SMS to your No.019 2377494.

      We are still waiting for your technician. Your service is bad.

      The machine feeder is always giving problem of returning notes.

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