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Average Salaries of ICT Professionals

July 3rd, 2012

What is the average salaries of IT professionals in Malaysia?
With factors like job industry, job scope and level of job aside, data compiled by PIKOM indicates that the average salary of ICT professional is RM 6,280 in 2011.

I would suggest you to take this analysis with a pinch of salt though. Firstly, the data orginates from Jobstreet.
Although Jobstreet is undeniably one of the more popular job recruitment site, the percentage of actual data as compared to the real numbers is not known.
Besides, the data will always be based on user input and this is not something we can safely use for benchmarking.

However, casting those issues aside, having a reference as compared to having nothing is never a bad thing.
This publication is probably the second attempt that I know of, other than the usual statistics from Kelly Services.

Anyway, for those interested to read on, here’s the publication:

Job Market

As I could summarize some of the important analysis:

Average Salaries
It is pertinent to note that the overall average monthly salaries of ICT professionals for 2011 was RM6,280, registering an increase of 11.7% from RM5,626 the previous year.

Top Paying Industries
The report also highlights the oil & gas sector as the highest-paying industry for the ICT workforce, continuing the trend of previous years.

Average Salaries by ICT Job Category

Geographic Locations
ICT professionals working in Klang Valley comprising Kuala Lumpur,
Putrajaya and the industrial zones of Selangor earned an average monthly salary of RM6,671.

Hot ICT Jobs
Published survey reports indicated that certain technical skills and functions appear to be in high demand, such as C#, C++, .Net developers, SAP certification, IT audit and security consultants, data warehousing, business intelligence analysts, senior Oracle and SQL DBAs and Cisco certified engineering disciplines.

Benchmarking with Selected Developed Nations
The respective salary is 4.08 times as high in the United States, 3.18 times in Australia and 3.06 times in New Zealand for a Senior Software Engineer / Developer/ Programmer. Surprisingly, the rate in the United Kingdom is only 2.78 times the average salary in Malaysia.

What’s your outlook on the ICT job market? Bright? Gloom? Obviously it’s greener on the other side.

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