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All New Ford Focus 2012 Malaysia Review – Special Features

November 28th, 2012

Previous posts about the All New Ford Focus exterior and interior features basically sums up the physical aspect of the car.

Ford prides the Focus with additional special features and these are the selling points for the new Focus although the basic specifications could have made anyone drool over it.

By the order of Marvin Lee’s preference, here are the special features listed from the most preferred to the least.

1. Torque Vectoring Control

This is my most preferred feature of the new Ford Focus. The torque vectoring control is said to be able to ‘reacts to the road surface 100 times per second and repeatedly balances the amount of power and braking delivered to the two front wheels to maximise grip and sharpen handling, helping you round corners and over undulations on the road‘.

What the entire paragraph means to me is that you get more grip while taking corners.
It’s one thing to have it listed in the specification sheet and a totally different thing altogether when you test it. The control is superb in a real driving situation. The Focus feels so planted to the ground even by going multiple rounds in a roundabout at speed higher than usual.
There is no understeer as the Torque Vectoring Control takes into effect, putting slight braking to the inside of the wheel, making it effortless to tackle corners and winding roads.

2. Blind Spot Information System (BLIS)

This BLIS feature is only available on the sedan Titanium+ version.

It is a very common problem where cars in the blind spot puts a drivers into a tight spot when trying to switch lanes.
More so especially for drivers in Malaysia’s major cities where traffic is heavy and motorcyclists turn up unexpectedly the moment a car tries to change lane.
The BLIS comes into picture and helps by lighting up the side mirrors LED when any obstruction comes into the radar. Note that this does not require activation by flipping the turn indicators. This features runs all the time and even light up when you are passing pillars.

3. Ford SYNC™

The Ford Sync is another most loved feature that I actually would rank it the same as BLIS.

This is because the Ford Focus comes with a female co-driver by the name of Samantha. :-)

Ford SYNC is a factory-installed, powered by Microsoft, integrated in-vehicle communications and entertainment system that allows users to make hands-free telephone calls, control music and perform other functions with the use of voice commands.

To have a phone or bluetooth device paired with the SYNC AND have the SMS message/reading capability, the device need to have the Bluetooth Message Access Profile (MAP). For an incomplete list, Ford Thailand has one.

4. Active City Stop

Active City Stop is one feature that I have tested myself, not in a real world scenario of course.

Similar to the video below, there is a box resembling the back of a car.
When the Focus is driven at speed below 30km/hour, it can automatically stops itself from hitting the obstruction in front IF the driver does not brake in time to avoid a collision.

Why 30km/hour? I was told that at higher speed, the Active City Stop will still kick in, but it might not be able to avoid collision although it could reduce the damage.

In a real world situation, you might not want to try this. However, this could be included as one of the safety features as well.

5. Active Park Assist

This feature of half-automated parking is widely promoted and marketed by Ford.
There is no denial that this feature is a high end technology and only available on higher end cars, but in my humble opinion, the usability of this feature especially in Malaysia is not high.

There are not many parallel parking lots and the chance of needing the car to help park itself is somewhat….. low?

I’m not even risking myself to say something that will discriminate another gender. :-)

6. Active Grille Shutter

The Active Grille Shutter is the least favourite here simply because I do not believe in something that I could not verify its usability.

The feature might help with fuel economy but there is no way to know when the grille is opened or shut from inside the car or to prove it really does reduce fuel consumption.

Marvin’s Take on the Ford Focus 2012 Special Features
Although I have my own ranking of the features, and personal preference (or the lack of it), that does not make the Focus inferior in any way but rather a much better car than expected.
The special features are really a bonus to what the Focus itself is. Without any of those listed above, you still get a great car to drive and the fact that you get the additional bonus is because Ford gave many more features for your money.
The new Ford Focus has improved by leaps and bounds as compared to its previous version, with many new technologies fitted in.
Just so you know, there are currently no cars of the same segment with Ford Focus in Malaysia that has any of the special features above.

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