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Symbolic act from Maldives for the world

October 27th, 2010

What is the first thing that came into your mind from the photo above?

What if there’s something (although slightly) common with this below?

Answer: The second photo is the President of the United States swimming in the Gulf, signifying it is safe to return to the beaches after the world’s worst offshore oil spill.

The first one is the President of Maldives, installing solar panels on the rooftop of the Mulee Aage, the official residence of the president of the Maldives.

The Maldives, a tropical archipelago of 1,190 coral islands spread out over 500 miles (860 kilometers), averages only about 5 feet (1.5 meters) above sea level, making it vulnerable to sea level rise and typhoons.

The Maldives ranks 168 out of 186 countries in carbon output, according to the World Resources Institute’s Climate Analysis Indicators Tool.

Nasheed says 16 of the islands already face serious erosion problems, and on 60 islands important freshwater sources have been contaminated by saltwater intrusion. The nation also worries that the depletion troubling its fishing industry, its second-largest economic sector next to tourism, is due to changes in the global climate.

For the Maldives, climate change . . . is not a problem in the future, It is a problem that we are facing every day. – Nasheed

For a nation so small, their President is showing how important it is to go for renewable energy.

What’s the rest of the world working on?

More info on the mentioned event and President Mohamed Nasheed.

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Earth Day 2010 – Climate Change is for real

April 13th, 2010

You might have been through the cooler days and more hotter days now.
You might have been asked to use less plastic bags or probably even been denied one while shopping for groceries.
Earth Hour had gone global although the real effect on climate change could be doubted.

Is Climate Change a trick or truth?

There’s no question that it is warmer now and evidence shown that there are so many different changes to our planet that shows we have to do something.

The earth has warmed, on average, by about 0.7 °C since 1910 with nine of the ten warmest years on record occurring in the past decade. There has been an increase in heatwaves, fewer frosts, and a warming of the lower atmosphere and upper ocean.

Sea ice is melting, glaciers are retreating and sea level is rising. Greenhouse gases contributed to the rising heat human and animals are feeling.

Sudden environmental changes are also taking part frequently. I’m not a scientist but I believe the earthquakes, hailstorms, etc are not something that happens as random as getting a lottery jackpot.

Human population is growing fast and so is the usage of the planet’s resources. However, from the rate this is going, I don’t think the growth of resources will be able to fulfill the requirement of all humans soon.
We will not be able to sustain ourselves.
If one person needs a liter of water a day, how many is needed for a billion person?
Our world population currently stands at 6.8 billion, and in 1800 it was only one billion.

The UN estimates that it could be 14 billion in 2100 (highest estimation) or less than 6 billion (lowest estimate).
I am slightly alarmed by this. Will the world fight for food and resources that lead to the decline of world population or is the climate change resulting in lower population?

This April 22th, is Earth Day 2010, check out what’s happening near you from or

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Broga Hill, Semenyih, Selangor, Malaysia

October 29th, 2009


It’s amazing how photos and internet and people and gossip can popularize a place.

Broga hill was not heard off, at least to the non-locals in Semenyih like a year ago?

It is so popular now, that during the weekends, the small hill is crowded as early as from 6am.


I first heard from Eric, who had climbed Broga hill and took amazing photos on the top of the hill.

At that time, from the photos I saw it looked like he and a few others were the only people who conquered the hill.


I have by then the interest to pay a visit and only not long ago that I managed to actually did it.

The plan was to start journey around 5.15am (yes, usually still in deep slumber) and to reach the foothills of Broga by 6am so that we are able to catch the sunrise before 7.30-ish.


Although it was only 6am and the road was dark, the both side of the road was already filled with cars.

I could estimate there’s like 100 metre long of road with cars parked at such an early hour of the day. This is not including more that have parked inside the oil palm plantation.


The foot of Broga hill is actually an oil palm plantation and the entrance is facing a rabbit farm.

Climbing the hill isn’t really very challenging, for those who usually go hiking. Even small kids are able to go up.


However, if you’re not very comfortable with going uphill but insists on catching the sunrise or at least do the climb, having a walking stick to assist might help a lot.

Torchlights (batteries included) is also of utmost importance, if you’re going for the early morning climb.


Try going in a group for the cheers and motivations. I saw many groups (one of the reason why it’s so crowded) that just waited for friends who had a tough time trying to keep up with the pace of the entire group.

When you reach the first peak, or where there’s this small plateau, all sweat and pain are all forgotten. 🙂


Some have arrived early to secure a spot for their SLR and tripod, waiting patiently for the right moment to capture the sunrise.

It might not be as interesting now that this hidden gem has been exposed and popularized, with crowds going up and down weekly, probably lesser during weekdays.


Apart from that though, if you’re thinking of some outdoor adventure which is not too tiring and with nice scenery, Broga Hill is one of those you should go for.

GPS : 2.935326,101.933899

Google Map link : Broga Hill map link

View Broga Hills, Semenyih in a larger map

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