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Add What Say U? OpenSocial app on Google Friend Connect

July 11th, 2009


If you would like to have my What Say U? OpenSocial app on your Google Friend Connect enabled website, it’s now available for you.

Just follow the few simple steps below:

Go to


Follow the instructions to setup your Friend Connect site if you do not already have one.


Go to the Social Gadgets link.


Scroll down to the bottom of the page to Add Gadget By URL


Put this Gadget URL :
Click Continue.


The preview screen and details of the app will show. Change the width of the gadget if you want, or else you can just leave it as it is.


Click on the Generate Code button to open the HTML code.


Copy the code and place to your website or place it to your blog as a widget just like mine!

If you have any trouble and found any issues with this app, please let me know!

If you have any comments or suggestion, let me know too, I’d be glad to hear from you. 🙂

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Small but Big Recognition from Google

April 27th, 2009

Yes, I kinda suck in English with “Small but Big”, but I still think it’s correct.

Small, as in me. A small person like me. Small size. Small whatever.

Big, as in Google. Big company, global brand, and a recognition from Google is definitely big big. 🙂

I have been very excited these few days tracking my package from Google via FedEx. The waiting got even more intense as I got to know that Nazroll and Hoatle has got theirs in the morning while I’m still waiting.

Well, the wait was finally over when I got them in the afternoon.

Having something like this automatically earned some bragging rights, so do forgive me if you’re thinking this is a show-off post.

Not everyday I get something from Mountain View or Google to be exact. The first one was just a simple letter for verification of my Adsense account when I first started this blog. Then this one is the most fabulous prize ever. It’s the prize for winning South East Asia OpenSocial Application Contest.

FedEx package

This package flew all the way from Google, Mountain View, US. Sent on 21 April and arrived by 27 April, guaranteed by FedEx.

From Mountain View

And this is the recognition which I think is super big from Google. A certificate! Although not a certification or certified for something, should I be proud of having recognized for submitting a winning application to Google’s contest?

Google certificate

Then there’s this t-shirt with a QR code in front which I think represents

Google T-shirt

Other than the above, there’s also a stack of AMEX gift cheques. How much? If compared to the rate of ad clicks through my Adsense income with this blog, I guess I could stop blogging for 10 or 20 years if I’m using this blog to make money. That’s because I’m making so little with Adsense. 😛

Anyway, a super big THANKS to Google and also Shannon Madison who went so far in organizing the contest and delivering the prizes! 🙂

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The BarCamp KL 2009 Weekend

April 7th, 2009

The weekend of 4th & 5th April 2009, many went for the Malaysian GP in Sepang.

The others went for Hikethon.

Myself? I went for Hackathon at BarCamp KL @ Inti College, Subang. It was great.

Great to me because:
1) It’s a knowledge sharing event open for all
2) You get to meet a lot of techies all in one place, and hear them speak
3) Not all sessions are about technologies, you get dance lessons and dating lessons too. Hah!
4) You get to see a lot of netbooks, macs, iphones and other cool stuff
5) Attend college/classes, from morning til dinner time
6) Free entrance, free t-shirt, free breakfast, free food, free wifi, free lucky draw prizes ( i didn’t get any though)
7) Free Mozilla Firefox stickers
8) New twitter friends, facebook friends
9) Presented a session on OpenSocial for H20 Hackathon

BarCamp KL Banner

The BarCamp KL was a success. Although I do not have the official numbers of people who attended, it was really a huge crowd.


Sessions were packed for all six rooms and a room for OpenSocial Hackathon.

BarCamp KL Sessions

Read about the sessions from Andy (Day 1, Day 2) , Nazri aka Tekong and Bernard Leong.

Credits to the organizers of BarCamp KL for running this.

On the OpenSocial H20 Hackathon (first OpenSocial Hackathon in KL), it was a smooth affair although the wireless internet was challenging, but it went well. Nazroll had a great graffiti wall (or whiteboard?), ran through the entire hackathon relentlessly.

We had a great session on brainstorming of ideas for OpenSocial applications, ranging from simple and easy to build app to one that is super useful but it’s not able to be developed for the time being. We also had Hong who came all the way from Singapore just to attend this Hackathon and develop an OpenSocial application named Hanging Conversations.

Checkout some of the BarCamp KL related links here:
Flickr Photos
Facebook Event
Twitter Conversations

Some of the photos taken on my mobile, sorry didn’t bring my SLR. 🙂









And this one’s from Andy. Thanks!


If it wasn’t for this BarCamp, I might have been to Sepang for a photographs shootout.

By the way, it rained so heavily that weekend, the Malaysian F1 Grand Prix had to be shortened. Luckily I was in BarCamp KL. 🙂

The OpenSocial Slides:

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