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6 things you can do on Twitter but not offline

July 24th, 2009

It has been a few months since I first jumped onto the Twitter bandwagon or Twitter stream and start putting in my pebbles, just a couple hundreds of updates so far.

I do notice something that it’s different than other social sites or even the way people communicate using Twitter now.

The list is not extensive of course, but they are something I found it’s something impossible to do without Twitter or any other software of similar functions.


1) You talk to someone without any pickup lines
To those who had problems with shyness talking to strangers (like me 😉 ), internet tools like email, messaging software and social networking sites are valuable.
Twitter sets in here just like any of those too.
Find someone, and send a tweet referring to them like @marvinlee how ya doin? 🙂
One note though, make sure the person you’re tweeting to is a real person, as due to the popularity of Twitter, spammers are hitting on it too and they are creating a hell lot of fake accounts to follow an account just to increase the number of followers.
On another side note, make sure you do not look like a spammer yourself. 😉

2) Collective twittering on a topic
Due to the nature of Twitter restricting to 140 characters, tweeple (People who use can tweet about the topics and link them like a thread with hashtags.
When you search by hashtag, you will be able to list the tweets referring to the same topic, something which tweeple has moulded the functions of twitter.
Twitter didn’t thought of this and the users were the ones changing the way how they are using twitter. states that Hashtags are a community-driven convention for adding additional context and metadata to your tweets.


An example of this is the tweeple talking about the recent 8TV shoutawards.

I’m not sure if @8TV started the #shoutawards hashtag but AFAIK this should be the way to tweet everything related to the 8TV Shout Awards.

3) Realtime reporting
I used to see blog reports after bloggers attended an event.
News usually comes a few hours later or in the next day print.
With twitter and mobile devices, realtime reporting is just the only reasonably best and quickest way for event reporting.


@SassyFalak at Shout Awards

Again using 8TV Shout Awards, as example, there were tweets at the exact moment during the award show, and of course even after that. (This just show how important of having a hash tag).

And did anyone remember the recent JW Marriott and Ritz-Carlton hotels bombing?
Tweeple was first on the scene.

4) You can chat or even get quoted by celebrities 🙂
How many times had you met celebrities or having close shave with them in real-life? Ok, question is meant for those not in the entertainment industry or bigshots.
If you follow some celebrities, there are those who would follow you back and even reply to you.
Of course I do not deny the fact that more than 50% of the time your trying to tweet them will get no replies.
Some people would like to talk to themselves, or to the air or to the Twitter stream only.


There are those who reply to people like you and me. Some of them are: Paul Moss, Adam C, Ben (FlyFm) and many more…
Go follow/find them! 🙂

5) You tell everyone (the whole world) what you’re doing every single hour, minute or even seconds
This is the best example of having Twitter, and what you can do with it.
You can basically tell everyone or the entire world what you are having for breakfast, what’s on tv, who’s going past in front of you, who’s in the lift with you, what you think of the hot chick across the road (even post a photo) and what’s the colour of your poop! (With a photo too).

6) You know you’re a hot topic when your name is on Twitter Trending Topics


When news of highly-acclaimed movie and TV commercial director Yasmin Ahmad suffered a stroke and was hospitalised, her story went right up the Trending Topics of twittersphere with well-wishers and fans sending out tweets about the situation and prayers.

Going up the Trending Topics is no small feat, it means you’re popular among the over-million users of Twitters!

So there you go, my list of having Twitter as a difference.

Now, I might be wrong, but can you just try doing the above without Internet+Twitter?


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