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Google releases new AdSense interface

November 11th, 2010

Google Adsense, the most popular online advertising network has upgraded its interface.

I do not think this is a major change, but the main differences highlighted were:

  • Make changes to your ad units in bulk by visiting the My ads tab
  • Compare your performance this month and last month under the Performance reports tab
  • Visit the Allow & block ads tab to block categories of ads

I do like the Payments screen though (that’s where you keep track the earnings). It’s neater in the new version, allowing a better view of the performance summary and the Estimated unpaid earnings is now permanently displayed at the top.

To help with the user migration, there is a link to return to the Old Adsense Interface. You can still easily switch between Old and New.

Old Interface :
New Interface :

Do you like the new AdSense interface?

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Blogging One Year After – The Unseen Statistics

November 30th, 2009

dsc_0131Time flies and it’s been a year since this blog has been up on the Internet.

Most of my friends who read this blog (and commented) has been quite faithful in the earlier days (I assume :-P), and was thinking that I’m up to something, probably trying to get rich from blogging.

It’s very natural to think so, as there are quite a number of bloggers who made it, blogging full-time.
So for non-techies/non geeks, having a blog indirectly equals to make money online or having a presence (fame) online. I would like to be corrected if you do not think so.

Well, to be honest, I wasn’t expecting anything like that at all when I first started, as it’s spelt out on the About Page.
However, having monetizing a blog would have been a bonus and I was sort of experimenting a bit here and there too, though never seriously.

Anyway, as an evaluation of this blog, let me just share with you statistics of that has not been seen ever before.

I used sitemeter to track page views and visits.

Visits (in yellow) are the number of unique visitors (by IP address). It was growing steadily and peaked at 9k visits a month, averaging 300 visits daily. This is not a very heavy traffic blog and the traffic went down slightly the last couple of months as there has been less update. However, do note that it was still higher compared to the first half of the year.


Google Analytics however, have different algorithm and on daily basis, the visits are not more than 200, so I guess the sitemeter stats includes return visitors. Meaning same person but uses different IP address, because Google has place a cookie on your browser and do not include you on subsequent visit on the same day.


Alexa is also used as a site ranking tool, although the accuracy can be debated, because it could only estimates users based on the data by users installing the Alexa toolbar. This blog is still ranked quite low in Malaysia but I’m pretty happy to be within the Top 1Million in US, again this is considered not significant enough for graph display in Alexa. A site has to be in the Top 100k to be considered for additional data.


Google PageRank used to be (or still being used) to rank a site. I’m having 3 out of 10. Facebook has 9 and has 8.


I’m using Google Feedburner for blog subscribers and at the moment it’s hovering in the number between 40 and 50. Still considered very very low…


Spam comments! Albeit being a low traffic blog, this blog still attracts a lot of spam comments. More than 8k! Akismet is good for wordpress blogs.

And finally, the most sought after answer. How much does blogging make?

I’m using Google Adsense as the main advertising revenue, and it’s only generating peanuts. I’m not surprised though, as have been highlighted by other bloggers/probloggers/money making blogs.


I am near to the USD 100 payment threshold, after a one year long blogging!

If you think blogging can make money (and a lot), I’m pretty sure it can, but are you up to it and doing it the right way?

There’s a lot of room for improvement to make but other than these statistics, this year has been an experience for me and I’ll share more of that in the second part of Blogging One Year After- The Unseen Social Activities.

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Small but Big Recognition from Google

April 27th, 2009

Yes, I kinda suck in English with “Small but Big”, but I still think it’s correct.

Small, as in me. A small person like me. Small size. Small whatever.

Big, as in Google. Big company, global brand, and a recognition from Google is definitely big big. 🙂

I have been very excited these few days tracking my package from Google via FedEx. The waiting got even more intense as I got to know that Nazroll and Hoatle has got theirs in the morning while I’m still waiting.

Well, the wait was finally over when I got them in the afternoon.

Having something like this automatically earned some bragging rights, so do forgive me if you’re thinking this is a show-off post.

Not everyday I get something from Mountain View or Google to be exact. The first one was just a simple letter for verification of my Adsense account when I first started this blog. Then this one is the most fabulous prize ever. It’s the prize for winning South East Asia OpenSocial Application Contest.

FedEx package

This package flew all the way from Google, Mountain View, US. Sent on 21 April and arrived by 27 April, guaranteed by FedEx.

From Mountain View

And this is the recognition which I think is super big from Google. A certificate! Although not a certification or certified for something, should I be proud of having recognized for submitting a winning application to Google’s contest?

Google certificate

Then there’s this t-shirt with a QR code in front which I think represents

Google T-shirt

Other than the above, there’s also a stack of AMEX gift cheques. How much? If compared to the rate of ad clicks through my Adsense income with this blog, I guess I could stop blogging for 10 or 20 years if I’m using this blog to make money. That’s because I’m making so little with Adsense. 😛

Anyway, a super big THANKS to Google and also Shannon Madison who went so far in organizing the contest and delivering the prizes! 🙂

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