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Oracle vs Google – Android Court Case

April 17th, 2012

Oracle has made available the slides of the Oracle-Google case unfolding in a San Francisco courtroom also known as The World Series of IP.
I would probably call it the match of the Larry. Or Larries. 🙂
Larry Ellison of Oracle and Larry Page of Google.

In any argument, a party would only presents what is positive for them.
I’m interested to see how Google counter this, if possible with slides for the public as well.

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Why do you buy a BlackBerry?

October 24th, 2011

With the rapid development of the smartphone industry, it is hard not to identify with the iPhone, Android and the BlackBerry.

BlackBerry once used to be among the most popular smartphones on Earth.
However, with the competition coming from Apple and Android manufacturers, RIM – the BlackBerry company seems to be in trouble.

In my personal opinion, the latest commercial for the BlackBerry Bold 9900 indicates more than that.

Touch. Type. Together.

That’s It? What do you mean that’s it?

Lack of innovation is so obvious and it’s not like the iPhone or Android were only launched overnight. RIM could see it coming and it might not be that tough to start creating some innovation as the BlackBerry OS is owned by RIM and they are the sole manufacturers of BlackBerry phones.

Check out the recent commercials of the Apple iPhone 4S.

And the Google’s Galaxy Nexus.

If you’re a BlackBerry user, have you tried out an iPhone or Android phone? If not, you really should, because a smartphone is more than touch, type, together.

A better sense of direction for RIM is needed and its future in the smartphone market still remains to be seen.

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Android Dance in Malaysia’s Xperia Arc Launch Event

April 6th, 2011

You might have seen this ‘high’ Android dancing frantically before.

Today, it travelled to Malaysia.

Sure it didn’t dance as well as in Taiwan, the club is so packed and crowded but it sure was ‘high’ as well. I have truly no idea how they can dance in such speed in such a suit.

For more info, check out Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc launch in Malaysia with Maxis.

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