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PingPlotter Freeware free traceroute for internet problem

August 28th, 2009

What do you do again when you have problem with your internet connection? Especially like #streamyxsucks events?

I heard ping and tracert?

I was introduced to a traceroute software recently, the PingPlotter.

The good thing about PingPlotter is, it does not only show you the route of your connection to a certain server, the best of all is, it’s free. 🙂


There’s a freeware version, and also paid versions with better features of course, the PingPlotter Standard and PingPlotter Pro.

What I like about this software is it shows the time taken between hops and let you identify which hop or IP became the problem to your connection.

What’s lacking though, I believe is showing which country does a hop or IP falls into. If it could show the countries, it would be great to identify the connection to the same country but gets routed elsewhere. (That happens, right?)

If I’m not mistaken, I saw a software screenshot with country listing on the internet, but I couldn’t recall where I’ve seen it before.

Do you know of any traceroute software that can do that? Freeware too?

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