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Nike+ with iPod or iPhone4

November 9th, 2010

One cool factor of having an iPod or iPhone and if you enjoy running with Nike shoes is the fact that both Apple and Nike have a product that can help with your running.

Nike + iPod Sport Kit
is sold in Apple Stores and Nike Stores.

The sport kit comes with a sensor to place in your shoe and another receiver to be plugged to your iPod nano (not iPod shuffle or any other iPods).

For this to work, you need to have a pair of Nike+ shoes as well. Unfortunately, normal Nike shoes wouldn’t work. Hackinike might work though. 🙂

That’s because underneath the inner sole of the left shoe, there’s a special compartment for you to place the sensor. (Ha, that’s how you gonna hack your normal Nike, make it Nike+).

It’ll fit nicely, just remove the existing rubber from the compartment.

For iPhones or iPod Touch, you do not need the receiver at all, as it is already built into the device by default.

The Nike + iPod app is built-in in the Apple devices that are compatible, so all you need to do is just launch it.
I tested the sport kit with iPhone 4, so the screenshots are from iPhone 4’s app.

On your first use, you will be asked to calibrate the sensor by putting in your weight.

Walk around to activate the sensor’s communication. (The sensor is turned on by default, you can turned it off if you’d like to conserve its battery.)

While working out, you can opt to play songs from your device as well.

This is the locked-screen.

On your work-out completion, you will be shown a summary of the workout statistics.

Work out data can be sent to and stored online too.

Summary of last run from
The history of runs and statistics all available in a glance.

You can even set your goals in the website.

List of runs by date.

You can even compete with friends or other runners.

Or get a pro trainer from Nike. 🙂

Besides storing your workout history in your device, in Nike’s website, you can also sync it with iTunes on your computer.

On iPhone 4, you can actually track your run more accurately by having GPS tracking. This will however, require another app that you need to purchase from Apple App Store.
Yes, you already paid for the hardware and GPS was built into it, now BUY the software. 🙂

For more info of the Nike + iPod Sport kit:
Nike + iPod Frequently Asked Questions (Technical)

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Best Technology Products of 2009

December 29th, 2009

The year of 2009 is coming to a close and the following is my personal listing of the best in 2009 (for technology).

1. Twitter & Twitter API

Twitter has grown exponentially throughout the world and fast becoming the top Web 2.0 application.
Sometimes it’s not the most complicated application that wins, and Twitter that only takes 140 chars for a tweet/status update wins it.

Notice that it has become almost the top 100 websites of every country (except China where access to it has been blocked).

Twitter API has enabled a huge number of client applications and business grow with Twitter through the API usage and having an API to integrate with social networks is fast becoming a mandatory feature.

2. HTC and Android
While the world was immensed with the iPhone frenzy prior to 2009, other phone manufacturers are busy capturing the mobile market by having secret and not-so-secret projects like the Palm Pre and Google Android.

HTC is now ranked the fourth largest smartphone maker, after Nokia, Research In Motion (BlackBerrys) and Apple. HTC’s Android portfolio now includes the original G1 and MyTouch on T-Mobile, the Hero on Sprint, and the Tattoo and Droid Eris on Verizon and has at least five other Android phones planned for 2010.
That does not even include the HTC Nexus One, aka the Googlephone, is among the most anticipated devices of 2010.
HTC and Android walked side by side in 2009 and is definitely something we could watch out for in 2010.

3. MovieBox Media Players

I have no idea what is the right name for these products, it came with MovieBox, Media Players, etc that could play Real Player formats and various other internet downloadable movies.


It easily gain following by movie buffs due to its convenience of playing digital movie files directly to the television.

This device stands between your tv and a USB 2.0 compatible device (like external HDD or USB thumbdrive that has any image files or movie files). It can then play the content that are compatible to your TV, even make slideshows for photos as well.
I foresee its much cheaper to have a home theater or home cinema now as compared to a few years ago.

4. GPS with Internet on the phone, roam the world

With GPS you can roam the world and with GPS on your phone with mobile internet access, there is no place that you cannot venture too (of course except to location where there is no mobile data signal).


GPS has enabled human to accurately position a location and to easily make a first time travel to a place they have never been to before.
Add it with more information surrounding the location (like more landmarks and F&B attractions nearby) and by providing directions, it has now became easier for anyone to travel around the world.

5. Point and shoot cameras with DSLR capabilities
Should you buy a DSLR or Point and Shoot Digital Camera?
In 2009, you can have both.

Olympus came out with the Olympus PEN E-P1 is a hybrid 12.3-megapixel interchangeable lens camera that manages to merge the look, feel and flexibility of a traditional film SLR with the convenience of a slim, lightweight digital point-and-shoot camera.
The price is still steep but we are sure to see more professional looking photos in the making anyday, and I bet video too..

So there you have, my personal best technology products in 2009.

What is your best technology product or services you encountered in 2009? Please leave your comment below.

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Google Maps Navigation for your GPS needs

October 30th, 2009

This is one big step in technology advancement. GPS navigation is nothing new to most who knows what a GPS device is.

By far, GPS navigation or satellite navigation has been related to GPS device only, that is you buy a single GPS device which primary role is to navigate you to your desired destination.

There are various GPS device manufacturers and evolution of ideas, from pure GPS device (Papago) only, to GPS device with mobile phone ability (like
Garmin and Asus)
, to mobile phone application (like TomTom).

Google’s announcement of its Google Maps Navigation is going to change the GPS game and some even are concerned about it being a satnav killer.

Just watch the video below for a quick understanding of what Google Maps Navigation is all about:

By the way, anybody has an extra ‘I am here’ t-shirt for me? 🙂

Google Maps Navigation is an internet-connected GPS navigation system with voice guidance. It is part of Google Maps for mobile and is available for phones with Android 2.0.

This means that armed with only a phone, you can have the ability of a GPS with you. No more phone and GPS device, phone = phone + GPS.

Although current phones with Google Maps has GPS functions, but the ability of it navigating with speech is solely the strength of those satnav devices.
With Google Maps Navigation, we can now have the speech guidance, with real-time data that feeds your GPS, such as real time traffic, street view and 3D satellite view . These are some that I do not think satnav companies can do in the very near future. Of course, such real-time functions will also depend on data availability and how many users are actually using to generate such amount of data too.

Traffic view : Highlights of red is heavy traffic, and you can choose to change your route to skip that portion of traffic

Street view : Previously only available on web, now you can view the street exactly like it is

Satellite view : Sort of a three dimensional view of the location

My next trip to Broga Hill, I might just be using Google Maps Navigation that tells me where to turn and leads me the way there (not that I want to complain about my very helpful co-driver though). 🙂

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