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iPhone4 #maxis10 reviews and Malaysians

October 8th, 2010

A lot of Malaysians are rich I tell you.

Or they are insane.

Or both!

Maxis did the first Malaysian iPhone4 launch on the late night of 23rd Sep 2010. It was a midnight event till the early morning of 24th Sep 2010.

It was a major event, people have been anticipating it for like… 10 years ago?, and expectation are all-time high. It’s Maxis and iPhone4, of course you can expect it to be HUGE, right?

It was huger than you can expect for any phone launching event, and at midnight that is. MIDNIGHT! Like you were waiting for Merdeka or New Year. 🙂

Not my rant for not being there, I had an invite from friendly Maxis PR people and I had Daniel who graced the event on my behalf. Read his coverage of the launch on his blog.

Photo from LynxLee
Yeah huge crowd.

Photo from SaimatKong
Big Big crowd?

Video from FlyFM Ben

Yay! Congrats to the first official iPhone4 owners.
Even the very second day, it took 7-8 hours for Ben to get his brand new iPhone4?!

A friend of mine was wondering if he should buy the iPhone4. He said he’s probably not gonna fully utilize it to the max, most likely to show people, and FaceTime with them. Like with pretty girls la, you get the drill, right?

So is this herd mentality or what?
I think is half la, cos not everyone just gonna buy something sooooo expensive just because that it’s cool to have it, right?

Apple has proven to produce great iPhone for use (except maybe with the antenna). Existing iPhone users still prefers the iPhone4. Some who had used Nokia, iPhone, Android, still sticks with iPhone.
Such numbers certainly mean something other than being cool.

And if you’re not convinced enough, Maxis has this #Maxis10 program that looks for ten reviewers to review selected phones given by Maxis.

Check out the #Maxis10 iPhone4 reviewers, as I think they did a very good job in reviewing every top, bottom, in and out of the phone.

In no particular order:







Kel Li




If you’re interested to be one of the reviewers, you can apply through the Maxis Facebook page.

On the other hand, I’m sure it’s pretty fun and cool to have the latest iPhone 4, and I think its fairly affordable as compared to earlier iPhone packages?

Still, I only have one issue with smartphones in Malaysia.

That is they are terribly overpriced!

Americans are getting the iPhone 4 (16GB version, 2 yr contract) from $199 excluding mobile/data plan. That comes to about slightly over RM 600 and definitely less than RM 700 for the phone itself if we take it in ringgit currency after conversion.

Since people like Apple so much, we really should compare apple to apple and not USD to RM, right?
So if you pay around RM1,390 for the 16GB and 24 months contract, how much is that as compared to your monthly income?
Ok, let’s say you use your entire monthly budget RM1,390 for this cool phone. (Crazy or not?)
You think customers in US only earning $199 a month? Their phone is dirt cheap if it’s compared to Malaysia.

That’s why I’m saying Malaysians are a rich bunch, or insane, or both.

Anyway, that’s the result of having such a hype or frenzy. Or is this really herd mentality? With such demand, anyone with supply can choose to provide at any price which is ‘acceptable’.

If you think this is not the way to go, like me, you should support local products.

Just saying…. 🙂

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Gizmodo’s iPhone 4 scandal attracts attention

May 1st, 2010

If you have not heard about the iPhone 4G,please do a search on iPhone 4G now.

The leaked story of iPhone 4G was first brought to open by Gizmodo, one of the popular technology or gadget website.

It was said that one of Apple’s employee who had the iPhone 4 prototype lost it one night, and was then picked up by someone else who later sold to Gizmodo for $5000.

$5000 is more than worth for the more than 14 million visits to the Gizmodo’s website since 19th April 2010 – when the first story of iPhone 4G was released.

The average of visits per day before that was around 3 million.

This is Apple’s Next iPhone, is the killer story that also brings about legal issues to Gizmodo.

Currently, Gizmodo is being investigated and comments are not allowed in the related blogposts of this particular issue.

Even then, it brought more traffic than ever, and we can see that there was another spike when the house of Jason Chen(the editor of Gizmodo) was raided and a list of items were seized.

Sometimes, it pays to have a scandal. What say you?

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