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Windows Phone 7 Plain and Simple

January 4th, 2011

I would have never thought that a smartphone will require a handbook.
Not the iPhone or Android or BlackBerry.
However, there’s this one for Windows Phone 7. Probably there’s a reason to it, because…

The other thing Windows Phone 7 has going for it is
that it’s not just another iPhone clone. (I’m talking to you, Android.)
Microsoft has made a big deal about Windows Phone 7 being “a
different kind of phone.” You can’t always trust marketing hype, of
course, but in this case Microsoft is right: From its modern looks to
its novel approach to organizing and delivering information, there’s
no other phone quite like Windows Phone 7

I really should stop here, because this is a review of the book, and not about the phone. 🙂

Windows® Phone 7 Plain & Simple is an easy, colorful, SEE-HOW guide to Windows Phone 7.

In summary, this handbook simply guides you how to set up your Windows Phone 7, typing, talking on the phone, managing phone contacts, managing emails, sending messages, and internet browsing.
You should know that the Internet Explorer Mobile does not support Flash or Silverlight and you have been told that you won’t miss them much.
On the entertainment side, it also guides you on playing music and video, taking pictures and videos, using Maps, and getting apps from the Marketplace.
For Windows users, the Office suite would be something integral to the software they always use, so Office Mobile comes with mobile versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and SharePoint Workspace.
If you’re wondering about the background of this author, yes, it was written by someone from the Microsoft team.

My review
The book is written in a plain and simple, fun to read manner.
The content is really simple tutorials, and as simple as learning how to use the phone via a tap, press and hold, flick and swipe, pinch and spread and how not to use a stylus.
The content are colourful too, just like how you can have 10 different accent colours as the phone’s theme. Yes, only 10.
There are some features that you will learn to appreciate though, like recovering your lost Windows Phone 7 from
You can Find, Lock, or Erase a Lost Phone, which you probably wouldn’t know without doing a search elsewhere or by reading this book.
Every page has at least one picture to show the screen and also steps to accomplish a task with the phone.
In my humble personal opinion, this kind of tutorial book might not be exactly useful for techies or gadget geeks.
It could be more beneficial for people who just transitioned from feature phone to a smartphone, or if you are giving the phone as a gift, this book is worth being a company to it.
If you have bought a smartphone, might as well get a phone case, and a handbook?

My Conclusions
I have been one of those early users of Windows Mobile phone, but never followed through to upgrade once my device broke. It really wasn’t to my liking.
IMHO, just like the PC operating systems, it takes more than a single click/touch/flick to perform any task.
Even stated in this book, to view an up-to-date feed from Facebook and Windows Live— it’s all within three quick flicks of each other.

However, review of the operating system might be on another day, the book is good for the phone, if you’re one of those who reads a gadget’s manual.

By the way, try the iPhone or Android if you haven’t. 🙂

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Free Tickets to Tech Insights 2010

September 22nd, 2010

This is for you if you’re Microsoft’s league of developers and based in Penang.

I received an email from my friend Peky and I’m sharing it over here.
The enclosed email below is from someone in Celcom’s Developer Program and by referring two person to join Celcom’s League of Extraordinary Developer Challenge/LEDC (are long names more glamorous?), you get a free ticket worth RM 80 to the Tech Insights Penang 2010 three day conference.

LEDC (my department) is Celcom’s developer program (like Apple Apps store, we have our own developer program). We organizes mobile applications training, as well as encourages entrepreneurs to develop mobile applications through our program, and subsequently market it with Celcom (is CSR program from Celcom, hence the giving back to society).

Our developer based for the moment is mainly in Kuala Lumpur. We are out-reaching to developers in Penang, and our first initiative this year is through an independent technical conference organizer – Tech Insight. Tech Insight details can be found through:

Tech Insight is holding a technical conference as per below details:

Date : 22nd to 24th September 2010 (LEDC’s slot is on 23 of September 1-1.30pm)

Venue: Eureka Building, USM.

Cost: Tickets are available for sale for RM80 per person.

LEDC is offering free tickets to the event as part of our out-reach program. All one has to do is :

1. Register through our website to join the LEDC’s Developer Program. Website:

2. Get 2 person to recommend him/her while registering for the LEDC’s program

3. Email us with the 2 person who recommended them:

Can you guys help help forward to anyone who might be interested? Or anyone who is free (not need to be developer also can, but has interests to hear what we have to share). We’re on 23rd @1-1.30pm. So, Come come come (but register to get the free tics)!!!! The more the merrier..

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Tony Hsieh delivered happiness to Google Mountain View

July 22nd, 2010

If you do not know Tony Hsieh, nor, Tony is the CEO of, a website that started off primarily selling shoes online and now has been acquired by

Tony launched his first book in June 2010 titled Delivering Happiness which I had a post on earlier.

For as long as I know or got to learn about this, Tony has been touring the US giving talks about his book and Zappos company culture.

So if you have not read the book, check out his talk or presentation made in Google, Mountain View about most of what he wrote.

The video will take 55 minutes, so if you do not have time, come back to it later.

Good To Know
Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion and Purpose made it to number one on The New York Times Bestseller List.
Delivering Happiness is also number one on USA Today’s Bestseller List and Nielsen BookScan.

The book is due to be released in other parts of the world:
Turkey: Release date – July 7, 2011
Indonesia: Release date – July 7, 2011
Poland: Release date – January 9, 2012
Russia: Release date – January 13, 2012
Thailand: Release date – July 9, 2012

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