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Oracle vs Google – Android Court Case

April 17th, 2012

Oracle has made available the slides of the Oracle-Google case unfolding in a San Francisco courtroom also known as The World Series of IP.
I would probably call it the match of the Larry. Or Larries. ๐Ÿ™‚
Larry Ellison of Oracle and Larry Page of Google.

In any argument, a party would only presents what is positive for them.
I’m interested to see how Google counter this, if possible with slides for the public as well.

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CentOS Java JDK install quick guide

March 18th, 2012

It is recommended to install JDK from Sun Oracle.

Download the latest from Oracle’s website by selecting the correct version for your server.

Eg. latest version available now is jdk-7u3

Linux x86 (32-bit) 63.65 MB jdk-7u3-linux-i586.rpm
Linux x64 (64-bit) 64.53 MB jdk-7u3-linux-x64.rpm

Check your OS version with the following command:

uname -a

x86_64 GNU/Linuxย  is a 64 bit OS

ia64 GNU/Linux is a 64 bit OS

i386 GNU/Linux is a 32 bit OS

Once download, you can install it by running the file

rpm -iv jre-<version>-linux-<os>.rpm

JDK will be installed under /usr/java

If you have downloaded the binary installer and not a rpm file, refer to this.

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Sun Java Certifications by Prometric now Pearson VUE according to Oracle

May 9th, 2011

With the acquisition of Sun Microsystem by Oracle Corporation, not only Java Developer Day is a thing of the past, as it was being renamed to Oracle Developer Day.

We are now seeing gradual changes, and they are not something unexpected.

Oracle announced that certification exams for products previously under Sun Microsystems will be offered exclusively through a new test delivery partner โ€” Pearson VUE โ€” and will no longer be available through Prometric.

Effective June 1, 2011, Java, Oracle Solaris, MySQL, and NetBeans certification exams will be offered exclusively through a new test delivery partner โ€” Pearson VUE โ€” and will no longer be available through Prometric. This will consolidate all Oracle Certification exams within the operations of a single testing vendor so we can provide better service and global testing coverage for these Oracle certification exams. Pearson VUE currently has over 5,000 test centers worldwide in 165 countries.

If you are currently holding an exam voucher with Prometric, here are some important dates for you to be aware of:

  • If you are currently following a certification path and are planning to take an exam on/after June 1: Registration will begin at Pearson VUE on May 16, 2011 for all scheduled exams on or after June 1. Visit on or after May 16 to create a new web account and get started.
  • If you are currently registered to take an exam with Prometric or planning to take an exam before June 1: You can continue to register at Prometric through May 23, 2011 (walk-in registrations will be permitted through May 31, 2011), but you must complete your exam by May 31, 2011.
  • If you currently have a Sun or Oracle exam voucher or exam retake voucher: All vouchers will still be valid through their original expiration date and will be redeemable with Pearson VUE starting on May 16, 2011.

Beginning May 16, 2011 it will be important for you to create a new Pearson VUE account so you can access your certification history and register for new exams after the transition. We will post instructions on how to set up your new account at Pearson VUE and if you have a testing account with Prometric – how to ensure that your old and new accounts are correctly linked.

Official announcement and details can be found here.

Now, I’m wondering, is SCJP still SCJP or is it now OCJP? Apparently, I’m not the only person with the same question.

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