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Farewell to Borders Bookstores

July 22nd, 2011

As Borders stores are closing gradually, it seems that the last stores are now at the final closing stage.

The Borders CEO Mike Edwards has written a letter to Borders Members bidding farewell and sharing the most asked and probably well-known answer to the question of ‘What happened?’.

If you like heading to a physical bookstore for a read and to check out books, news like this would be devastating, especially if Borders is your favourite hangout.

Due to the days and advent of the Marvellous Internet, ebooks coupled with the very popular and low priced eReaders just beat the brick-and-mortar type of bookstores out of the competition.

Although it is said that Borders bookstores out of the US is not affected, I would think it is only a matter of time.
The time is when readers buy ebooks more than in the form of hard-copies, when the eReaders costs less than a mobile phone.

At the meantime, the period between July 22 and August 5 2011 is when you might want to head out to the last Borders bookstores for discounts.

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Singapore has the most millionaires

July 17th, 2011

Group ten Singaporeans together and there’s a high chance that one of them is a millionaire.

According to a study out by the Boston Consulting Group, Singapore households which had more than $1 million in assets in 2010 is 15.5%, up from 11.4% a year before.

Singapore’s rapid GDP growth – 14.7% last year – and the solid appreciation of its currency have driven the millionaire boom. Analysis shows Singapore has had strong growth in financial services, tourism and exports in 2010.

Proportion of millionaire household by market

1. Singapore 15.5%
2. Switzerland 9.9%
3. Qatar 8.9%
4. Hong Kong 8.7%
5. Kuwait 8.5%
6. UAE 5%
7. United States 4.5%
8. Taiwan 3.5%
9. Israel 3.4%
10. Belgium 3.1%
11. Japan 3%
12. Bahrain 2.6%
13. Ireland 2.3%
14. Netherlands 2.3%
15. UK 2.2%

Notice that the second and the rest doesn’t even come close to the first?

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