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The First Asian Google Android phone is from Australia

February 6th, 2009

The first Google Android phone in Asia is released in Australia, following the trail of its initial release in the US and UK.

The first Australian Android phone model is called HTC Dream (above) while the Androids in US and UK are T-Mobile G1 (below).

The HTC Dream is not only powered by Android, but also comes preinstalled with a suite of Google applications and a fully integrated Google experience: one-touch access to Google search, Google Maps for mobile, Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Talk, and YouTube.

Android is a mobile platform or simply the operating system of a handphone/mobile devices. Android-powered phones or Android devices means mobile phones made to run Android.

Android was an early initiative by Google which bought over a company building the mobile software and later grouped a few other handset makers and carriers to form a consortium named the Open Handset Alliance. When Google had Android earlier, it has been rumoured that Google is venturing into the mobile industry to produce a mobile phone. That has since evolved much until today. You can learn more about Android’s history here and its timeline.

I had been following quite closely on Android’s development since the launching of its Android Developer Challenge in 2008 which promises million dollar award to developers for great Android application. I have downloaded the Android SDK then and played with it although I did not really participated in the challenge. Basically the applications shown by other developers way before the submission date has already proven that there will be many greater applications than that I could think of or develop. 😉

The Android SDK was quite easy to use and wasn’t that complicated. If you’re used to developing applications in Java especially with the Eclipse IDE, then it’s even easier for you.

And what’s the difference between Android and other mobile platforms like Windows Mobile, Symbian, etc?

Android is an Open Source project! Yes, it is a superb encouragement, that the upcoming and coolest mobile device, the Android, is built on Open Source platform! Its source code is open for download here.

And if that’s not cool enough, it’s built in Java and Google officially supports it!

Android platform allows developers to write managed code in the Java language, controlling the device via Google-developed Java libraries. 🙂

The mobile devices platform are changing with the likes of iPhone and Android-powered phones where applications can be developed and not limited to those created and embedded by handset makers only. Android already has its own Market for distribution of such applications.

It might take a while for Android phones to be available globally but when that happens, that could just be the time when the internet has gone widely from the PC, to the laptop and to mobile devices.

See where the future is going?

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